Tire Maintenance 101: What Is Tire Alignment?

Tire alignment, also known as a wheel alignment, can help your tires lifespan. This means that your tires will actually perform or properly and last longer than they would if you just left them as they were... tire alignment can also improve the handling and keep your car from pulling in a certain direction while driving. if you notice that your car is vibrating while driving on the road or your tires are pulling you in one direction, it might be time for a tire alignment.


So how do you know if you need a tire alignment? There are many ways that you can tell if your car needs an actual alignment. The first indicator is that you have uneven tread wear, your vehicle is pulling to the left or right as you drive, Your steering wheel is off center even though you are driving straight, or your steering wheel is vibrating intensely as you drive. an improper wheel or tire alignment can actually cause your tires to wear unevenly and also cause accidents. Not to mention the fact that it can also cause your car to lose its premium gas mileage. Fuel economy will decrease as retires deteriorate. You can tell that your tires are worn out if they become feathered. That's when the tread is smooth on one side of the tire and sharp on the other this is a direct sign of poor alignment.


You can also have camber wear when the strain of the treadwear meets the inside or outside of the tread. It will show that it's more significantly worn in the center of the tread of the tire. Another type of where is heel-to-toe. This type of tread wear happens when one side of your tread actually where's down more quickly than the other and when you run your hand over that tread it will look and feel like saw teeth. This can be a definite sign of under-inflation or lack of rotation. If you are experiencing any of these kinds of wear patterns when it comes to your tread, you should definitely have a mechanic look at your tires and possibly have an alignment. Where prevention is actually possible when you keep your car align, in check, tires balanced, and always see mechanic as soon as you think there is a problem.

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